‘1-900-660-GALS’ Risograph Zine OUT NOW! ⭐️
The four of us here at No Bad News have been having a ball working on this vibrant beauty over the past few months with @damnfineprint ✍️🍄

In celebration of the amazing women of the 80s TV show ‘GLOW’: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, we have combined a series of colour-popping posters, graphics and illustrations as a way to immortalise the pop culture phenomenon, and capture the excitement, glamour and passion of the women involved. 🤼‍♀️

We really took the capabilities of Riso printing to the limit with this one, in an effort to make this zine the brightest, boldest and most truly spectacular addition to your shelf! 📚✨

NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY FROM Damn Fine Press @damnfineprint